New OHAUS Shakers and Vortex mixers!

An efficient, productive laboratory simply must have the ability to handle big projects without sacrificing speed, safety or time.
OHAUS has just ensured that there is no project too daunting with its brand-new line of customizable heavy-duty, high-speed microplate and thermal shakers, and painted steel multi-tube vortexers.


Incubating Heavy-Duty Orbital Shakers

OHAUS' exclusive Opti-Flow Forced Ventilation System deflects air around - not directly on - samples, creating a circular flow and ensuring sample uniformity. Our new Incubating Orbital Shakers increase your capacity for higher throughput in the lab, and come equipped with OHAUS' exclusive Accu-Drive shaking system for precise speed accuracy.

High Speed Microplate Shakers

Complex or especially tricky jobs need a steady hand – both from your lab technicians and your lab equipment. High Speed Microplate Shaker provides variable high speed shaking from 600 to 2500 rpm. Secures up to 48 microplates, 6 deep well plates or small tubes less than 12.7 cm tall up to 3.2 kg.


Thermal Shakers

There may be instances where you need to handle a variety of tubes or even a microplate and the standard 1.5 mL block does not work for you. We are now offering heated and heating/cooling Thermal Shakers that come without a predetermined block, allowing you to purchase from our selection of 11 different block sizes to ensure you find exactly what you need.


Painted Steel Multi-Tube Vortexers

If you are looking for a device to handle every day vortexing of multiple samples, but don’t necessarily need the extra strength stainless steel housing of our original Multi-Tube Vortexer, this is an economical new option. The painted steel version of both our analog and digital vortexers doesn’t sacrifice safety or durability, and delivers precise processing every single time.