Passion for healthy eating supported by OHAUS moisture analyzers MB90

Discover how the MB90 Moisture Analyzer helps Polish muesli and snacks producer meet the highest standards of its products

A group of enthusiasts decided to turn an idea for healthy eating into a business. They have created a Polish company OneDayMore which produces highest quality, nutritious muesli, porridge and granola. They created their products from scratch. They know every ingredient, its origin and producer. And they test every product on themselves, their families and friends. Because OneDayMore is not just a company, it's their life.

They started with ... themselves. From a great desire and a need to change lifestyle, change diet to a healthier one. They did it! And that's why in 2016 OneDayMore was founded to support other people in important dietary resolutions.
Taste is very important to them, but health is equally important. That is why the ingredients of OneDayMore muesli, porridge and granola are selected to provide important ingredients for the body, such as calcium, iron, zinc, fiber, Omega-3 acids and thiamine. And - just as importantly - their products do not contain: preservatives, artificial flavors, palm oil, glucose-fructose syrup and other sweeteners.
OneDayMore products are available via on-line store, they also provide recipes for healthy snacks on their website that can be prepared using their products and run a blog as well that provides knowledge about good and valuable food ingredients that are worth paying attention to in the daily diet.

Due to safety and quality reasons, food products need to have moisture content controlled at several steps of the manufacturing process, starting from the reception of raw materials to the finished product stage. That is why OneDayMore has decided to use OHAUS moisture analyzers MB90 in their quality control laboratory. "OHAUS moisture balances used in our facility are an inevitable element of controlling the production process" says Magdalena Kaliszan – Manager of Quality Department.

The MB90's halogen heating distributes heat uniformly over the sample and speeds up the drying process, delivering fast and precise measurements. The operation is intuitive and the touchscreen interface makes it really easy to use. Changing drying parameters takes only a couple of clicks, and the device is giving clear instructions on the display what is the next step to be done. It limits the possibility of an error during measurement process. Magdalena Kaliszan – Manager of Quality Department admits that:
- MB90 allowed us for shortening the testing time and automating the process. Moreover it's reliable and provides repeatable results we can trust.

What made OneDayMore choose the OHAUS products was the demonstration given by the Dealer and OHAUS product experts as well as the possibility of testing the products together with the SmartGuide software which helped to establish the right processes for testing samples that needed special attention.
The OHAUS MB series are providing simple yet powerful moisture analysis and delivering advanced functionality and exceptional precision that you can rely on. Being so easy to operate and clean they enables confident testing of more samples in less time.


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