Peel's Restaurant at Hampton Manor in Solihull, UK chooses OHAUS scales

What OHAUS has to do with the one-starred Michelin restaurant in West Midlands, England?

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Use of OHAUS Centrifuges in Cosmetology

From daily lotions that keep skin soft to moisturizers for a refreshing face wash, emulsions are synonymous with protecting and nourishing the skin.

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The Use of OHAUS Centrifuges for Crime Scene Investigation

Hollywood movies and television shows have introduced audiences to all kinds of cutting-edge, crime-solving forensic tools and techniques over the years.

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Welcome to OHAUS World!

We are very excited to welcome you to OHAUS® World.

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OHAUS Introduces Newly Redesigned Navigator Series Portable Balances

Rugged, Multi-Purpose Balances Ideal for a Range of Weighing Applications

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Enjoy a frustration free experience with OHAUS Frontier Centrifuges Product Selector Guide!

Just a few clicks and you already know what model will meet your expectations!

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CRISPR – Is there anything it can’t do?

You’d be hard pressed to pick up a science or medical journal these days without reading something about CRISPR.

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Testing the Health Properties of Olive Oil with the OHAUS Vortex Mixer

Learn how our VXMTAL Multi-Tube Vortex Mixer is used by the University of Athens' Department of Pharmacognosy and Chemistry of Natural Products

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OHAUS AutoCal Feature Explained

AutoCal or automatic calibration is a feature that's found in advanced OHAUS balances such as the Explorer and the Adventurer series. Let's explore what this feature means to you.

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McCarter Takes Food and Beverage Quality Control to the Next Level with OHAUS MB120

Find out how Slovakian beverage producer, McCarter uses our MB120 Moisture Analyzer to maintain the quality of their beverage products.

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Protein Purification Workflow

The Protein Purification Process Simplified

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New Defender 5000 Series

Durable Scales, Indicators and Bases for Demanding Industrial Applications

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OHAUS Introduces the new Pioneer Series PJX Carat and Gold Balances

Compact Performance for Accurate Weighing of Precious Metals and Stones

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Continental Automotive Systems Slovakia s.r.o.

Continental Automotive Group, Slovakian branch, shakes its business up with OHAUS Heavy Duty Shakers

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OHAUS Introduces the new Pioneer PX Balances

Combining Economy and High Performance for Essential Weighing

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Cell Culture Applications for Cell Biology

In every successful relationship, communication is key.

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New Laboratory Equipment Portfolio

Introducing a range of laboratory equipment for life science applications.

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Introducing Vortex Mixers from OHAUS

We offer a range of Vortex Mixers that are designed to handle everything from low to high capacities, various densities to gentle or vigorous vortexing action.

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Golden Rules of Weighing

Use these priceless tips to achieve accurate measurement results

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Federation Coffee

In Quest of the Perfect Espresso – the Story Behind Consistency at London's Federation Coffee

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OHAUS Introduces the new MB120 and MB90 Moisture Analyzers

OHAUS, a leading worldwide manufacturer of scales, balances and laboratory equipment announced the launch of the new MB120 and MB90 Moisture Analyzers.

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CBJ Designs

CBJ Designs turns to OHAUS products for their weigh price label solutions

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Johnson and Wales University

Teaching ingredient measuring with OHAUS scales

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OHAUS Introduces Explorer® Semi-Micro Balances

OHAUS Corporation, a leading worldwide manufacturer of scales and balances announced the launch of their highly sophisticated Explorer® Semi-Micro lab balances.

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OHAUS Corporation Introduces the Adventurer Family of Analytical and Precision Balances

OHAUS Corporation, a leading manufacturer and marketer of high quality balances and scales, announces the launch of the all-new Adventurer analytical and precision balances.

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